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  • Tuanis 21

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    TUANIS 21 Sizes 8-11 $74.90

    After an amazing season, Tuanis is coming back new & improved.  New flexible anatomic rubber punch design.  Improved fitting with a new wrist area & pull up.
    A major success around the world, one of the top roll-negative cuts on the market.


    Backhand & Body: New rubber punch design for better a greater punching zone area & flexibility. Latex finger tips.
    Red single panel
    WATERPROOF neoprene.

    Palm: 4 mm + 3 mm White GIGA Grip German Latex.  Set on a Hybrid Roll Negative  finger cut without stitching. Double wrapped thumb providing comfort & a greater contact area with the ball.

    Closure: Elastic double wrapped wrist strap of 6 cm wide. 
    New pull-up  design placed on the middle of the wrist for an easier adjustment of the glove.