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  • Toride

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    Size 7 only.

    Sizes 7-11 

    Our limited-edition model Toride was a huge success worldwide and due to

    the high demand, we have deicide to include in the new collection. This model

    has new age SEAMLESS technology and a new Neoprene hole body that

    when combined with the negative cut provide an amazing light and tight fit on

    the hand.


    Contact black Latex 4mm + 3mm internal padding set on a hybrid

    roll finger cut without stitching. The double wrapped thumb

    provides comfort and more contact area with the ball



    4mm of natural German Latex + 3mm of internal padding.

    Special characteristic: RG Rubber punch. It strengthens the

    contact zone with the ball for better and more secure punching.


    6D black mesh for an amazing fit & breathability


    New elastic double wrap wrist strap 6cm wide. Pull up placed in the

    middle of the wrist so that keepers can wear the gloves easier.