RG Goalkeeper USA
  • Snaga Aqua 22

    There is only 1 item left in stock.
    There is only 1 item left in stock.

    An RG classic model.  A fantastic new & improved design with 3D embossed backhand.  New 3D rubber punch area gives the glove a sleek elegant look and improved comfortability while punching the ball away.

    Snaga aqua is set on a full neoprene EMBOSSED body, specifically designed by RG for a top ergonomic fit on the hand. 

    This model is an Hybrid Roll Finger, a now classic RG cut that is loved and preferred by many international keepers.

    We have opted to use the AQUA Contact palm of 4mm pure German Latex, offering  the best possible grip in ALL conditions and amazing durability.  This palm allows the keepers to feel 100% confident and secure while holding the ball during games & training.

    Improved wrist area with higher elasticity for an easier use, enhanced by the double elastic closure to meet the needs of any demanding keeper.

    CUT: Hybrid Roll finger without stitching.

    BACKHAND: 4mm of Natural German Latex + 3mm of internal padding.  Set on a blue single panel embossed neoprene designed by RG  . New RG 3D Rubber punch!

    BODY: Blue  single panel embossed Waterproof neoprene.

    PALM: 4mm + 3mm AQUA Contact Grip German Latex.  Set on a Hybrid Roll finger cut without stitching. Double wrapped thumb providing comfort & a greater contact area with the ball.


    WRIST & CLOSURE: Elastic double wrapped wrist strap of 6cm wide. 
    New Pull up  design with silicon printing placed on the middle of the wrist with a non slip technique for an easier adjustment of the glove.