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    SAMURAI $59.90 Sizes 8-11; Size 9 SOLD OUT
    Samurai Model is a completely new glove. It is very well padded and
    has a fantastic 3D punching zone, maintaining its flexibility on the hand.
    The double wrap thumb gives an extra contact area with the ball. The
    semi roll cut is something new. This is a glove for keepers who enjoy
    the armed sensation on their hands without loosing flexibility!
    Size: 8 -11
    Contact white Latex 4mm + 3mm internal padding, set on a completely
    new semi roll cut. The double wrapped thumb provides
    comfort and more contact area with the ball
    4mm of new Basic Latex + 3mm of internal padding. New
    technology 3D rubber punch and a fantastic new design inspired
    by the Japanese culture.
    Set on 8mm of Jaguard white mesh allows great breathability
    New elastic double wrap black wrist strap 6cm wide. Pull up placed
    in the middle of the wrist so that keepers can wear the gloves easier.