RG Goalkeeper USA
  • Aspro 22


    RG welcomes back one of the classic, best selling models over the years. We present ASPRO with a new, better than ever, modern design without missing out on the classic characteristics that define it. Amazing Grip with the white PRO contact German Latex 4mm + 3.5 mm cushion palm, super comfortable on the hand with completely new soft neoprene material and the classic black / white color combination, will definitely make ASPRO A must have for all keepers. This is a model that is loved by many of our PRO keepers and we cannot wait to see them getting this new version on their hands.

    CHARACTERISTICS Backhand: This new, innovative long backhand design has been infused with new, soft Neoprene material & sublimation texture with German 3D embossing and printing providing more strength and control. Wrap support system for better control of the thumb Cut: Fitted Roll Hybrid Cut Palm: White PRO contact German Latex 4mm + 3.5 mm cushion palm offering the best possible grip and amazing flexibility Fix Fit Technology EES: Easy Entry System especially designed for goalkeepers for full flexibility and easy wear / take off. Closure: The double elastic latex strap with extended rubber gel provides support to your wrist as it is super adjustable & comfortable Sizes Available 8 – 9 – 10 - 11