RG Goalkeeper USA

"Dear Keepers!

We would like to let everyone know that 2016-2017 was an amazing year for us, and we want to thank all of you for trusting our brand and helping us achieve these results.

You are the reason RG  will continue to grow, as you give us the power we need to always improve and be better. We have  the best Fit & Grip and we thank you for the trust you showed us in establishing our brand in the international market.

This new Range of RG is more complete in all aspects.  We added new materials, details and technology as well as new cuts and designs that we believe you will all love and enjoy.

Feeling comfortable & confident in our gloves is a key priority for  us and something we aim at every single time we are designing a new model.

We are sure that we will surprise you 1 more time with this season´s gloves.

Let get ready for a new year together, with  great saves from all of you with RG on your hands! Born to be a keeper!"


Ramiro  D. Gonzalez Owner & Director of RG Goalkeeper Gloves


For more information visit our  USA website at rggoalkeeperusa.com

Born to be a keeper!